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This is a simple 2D game designed to meet the challenge given by the 5th Round of the PC Magazine and Telerik Contest for programmers 2012 / 2013 Sofia, Bulgaria.

The goal in the game is to arrange all the figures in such a way that no figure overlaps another. The player must use the shortest paths while carrying the figures around the game field, or he will get angrier with every wasted step. If the level of anger gets too high - the player will lose the game since his character will break down the bathroom sink and finish the level with the tiles he will make out of it.

Used technologies are:

C# .NET for the server side
JS for the client side
signalR to connect both sides

There are two instances of the game running at the same time. One is on the server and one is on the client's side. This is to prevent cheating and to prevent numerous connections to the server, that can be handled locally.

Team memebers:
Programming: Antony Jekov
Design and Fron-End Development: Ralitsa Nikiforova

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